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We have been decorated three times in our ten years at the The Close, Norwich Cathedral. The most in the last few weeks. The first decoration was of a reasonable standard, and the second a slapdash performance which caused us great inconvenience. The most recent however, has been a different story as it is possible to be. Mr Dennis has been quite exceptional, both in his concern to make the interruption of life as little as possible and also in his decoration work.


We have been aware that every surface has been painstakingly prepared before painting, often going beyond what is strictly necessary.


We will not hesitate to use him ourselves on interior decoration, as it is a great boon to know that you have someone who knows his work so well, and takes great pride in doing it properly.


I cannot commend him enough for his performance in these premises.


Judge Paul Downes.


Mr Dennis and colleagues, undertook the painting of exterior woodwork and drain pipes on Keswick Old Hall, starting punctually on the appointed day, completing the work as planned.


The outcome is most satisfactory and I happily recommend him to others.


M G Falcon


Re-Redecoration of Officers Mess, The Light Dragoons, Robertsons Barracks


Of the 4 different contractors that were priced prior to the start of work, John Dennis offered by far and away the cheapest estimate.


The 2 workmen worked consistently hard throughout the period and achieved through their efforts what a larger but less motivated workforce might have achieved in the same time. There was impressive attention to detail in all aspects of the work. Throughout John Dennis contractors were courteous and pleasant to work with.


In summery, The Light Dragoons were extremely satisfied with the work that was carried out on the officers mess and cannot praise the overall standard of work highly enough.


Major R C Matthews



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